Saturday, June 07, 2008

Nora graduates from Moline High School

These are all high resolution photographs. Click on each picture to see it full size.

First the graduates filed into the auditorium.

The choir sang and there were some speeches.

A few more speeches.

Then it was Nora's row's turn to file up to receive their diplomas. Tassels on the right.

Nora (from the back) receiving her diploma. We should receive a photo of this taken by a professional photographer with a much better angle.

Filing back to their seats after receiving their diploma - tassels now on the left.

Nora with her diploma in hand.

See a newspaper story (with photographs by a professional) about Nora's graduation here. It includes a photo of them all throwing their hats in the air. (I missed that moment while fiddling with my camera.)

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Dave Barrett said...

Connie said that seeing those pictures was almost as good as being there and I said that if you are sitting in a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned room while reading this blog it is definitely a lot more comfortable than being there.