Thursday, June 22, 2006

Connie and Dave vacation on Mackinac Island, Michigan

We arrived on the island on Sunday. The only way to get to Mackinac (pronounced mackinaw) Island is by ferry. This is a picture of Connie on the ferry. It was raining so we were riding inside rather than on the open top deck.
On Monday morning we took the traditional horse carriage tour of the island. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island and everyone gets around by horse, bicycle or walking. This was the 3 horse hitch that pulled us for part of our tour.
This is arch rock, one of the stops on the carriage tour.
At the end of our horse carriage tour we toured Fort Mackinac. The fort closed about 100 years ago, but it has been restored as a tourist attraction. Connie tried to see the fort between the cell phone calls.
Fort Mackinac sits up on the bluff and this is a picture of it taken from down below. The yellow umbrellas on the left are part of an open-air restaurant where Connie and Dave had lunch. The view was beautiful and the food and service were very good.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Connie and Dave vacation on Mackinac Island, Michigan

On Tuesday morning Connie and Dave rented bicycles and rode the 8 miles around the island. This was an easy ride since the shore road has no hills. (Any other possible route would involve steep hills.) This is Connie taking a picture of Dave.

On Tuesday afternoon Connie and Dave took the "History Hike" with Doc Crain. This was a 2.5 hour hike (Connie and Dave were a little sunburned and had very sore legs afterwards). This photo was taken at Arch Rock, which is just a few feet away, off to the right. That is Doc Crain in the shadows relating one of his many Native American stories. He leads a bicycle tour every morning and a hike every afternoon except Sundays and when it rains. He talked for the entire 2.5 hours about the history of island, the plants and animals, Native American tall tales and at one point he sang us a song he had written about the road we were traveling.

Connie is standing in front of Sugar Loaf -- a formation of brechiatted limestone. It was formed when Lake Huron was much higher than it is today and eroded away all the surronding rock (which was of a softer type of limestone).

Now we have climbed up a long flight of stairs to the highest part of the island and are looking back at Sugar Loaf.

On Wednesday Dave and Connie paid $12 each to visit the Grand Hotel. We took the elevator up to the Cupola Bar 6 stories up. Although you cannot tell it in the photo the view from up there was wonderful.

Here is David sitting on the porch of the Grand Hotel, enjoying a very expensive pina colada.