Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jake, Estevan, Najib and Elwood hanging out downtown Rock Island, IL

Jake Blues, Estevan Mendez, Najib Lozano-Suarez and Elwood Blues hanging out in The District, downtown Rock Island, IL one evening.

the blues brothers downtown Rock Island, Illinois

Everyone knows that Jake and Elwood Blues were born in Rock Island, Illinois. People may not know that they have come back to Rock island as adults.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Najib and Connie

Najib 001, originally uploaded by dvdbarrett.

Here is a picture of Najib Lozano-Suarez and Connie at an outdoor restaurant along the Rock River in the city of Rock Island, Illinois.

Najib is staying with Connie and Dave again. He and his mother have been in Savannah, Ga for the last 6 years or so. There seems to be some trouble in the Savannah schools between the Hispanics and the African-Americans and Najib, because of his long-standing friendship with some of the black students, was caught in the middle. As a result Najib asked his mother if he could do his senior year at Moline High School. Najib will be staying with Connie and Dave until his mother moves to the Quad Cities in a few months.

Najib finally got his citizenship papers a little while ago and after coming to Moline to register and attend the first week of school flew back to Atlanta Thrusday for his citizenship ceremony Friday morning and then flew back to Moline.