Saturday, September 23, 2006

Night out with Marg and Vince

Connie and Dave went out to eat at an Indian restaurant in Moline with Marg and Vince Thomas

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The conference in Dolores, Hidalgo with the Governor and all the Casas in the U.S. was held last Friday September 15th. Governor Romero Hicks in the middle with the glasses, and on his left is the incoming Governor Juan Manuel Oliva.

When the conference ended there was a ceremony with revolutionaries on horse back presenting the Mexican Flag to the Governor. There were runners carrying a torch. They ran into the square and presented the torch to the Governor to light a flame in the town square. That night "the grito" was celebrated at 11 p.m. all over Mexico.

On Wednesday, Connie traveled to Guanajuato Mexico to go to a conference with the all the Casas in the U.S. and the Governor of Guanajuato, Romero Hicks and the incoming Governor Juan Manuel Oliva.
On Thursday she took a tour of the City of Guanajuato.
Abraham's dad Sergio is building their house in Salvatierra. Here is part of the second floor.

This is looking down on the first floor roof and the open patio. The dog protects the house from the roof. Everyone seems to have a dog on their roof.
Abraham's family lives in Division del Norte, a very poor part of Salvatierra. This is Chirimollos Street. Their house is the blue door.

This is Juana buying from a vendor.,
Abraham's sister Maira, his aunt Silvia, mother Juana, brother Juan, dad Sergio holding Christopher, Connie in the back.

Juana Carapia Diaz and her mother Juana Hernandez Carapia
While in Guanajuato, Connie visited Salvatierra, Gto. where Nora's boyfriend Abraham's family lives. They are a very nice family. They live very simply in a very poor area. They were very gracious and offered us a meal with carnitas, bifstek, nopales, verduras and hand made tortillas.
This is Abraham's dad Sergio Diaz and his mom Juana
Christopher with his Aunt Maira.