Sunday, February 12, 2006

A visit To Mullet Key and historic Fort De Soto

While in the St. Petersburg area Dave and Connie visited Mullet Key and Fort De Soto.

Near the southernmost tip of Pinellas County lies Mullet Key. Mullet Key is home to not only one of America's finest beaches, it is home to one of Florida's most significant historical landmarks. Fort De Soto. The Fort De Soto Park and Mullet Key have long been, and continue to be one of the Tampa Bay areas favorite playgrounds.

This is outside the museum in the park which told the fascinating history of Mullet Key.

On the beach

On Saturday Dave and Connie drove to St. Petersburg, Florida since a visit to Florida should include a visit to the beach and they had never been to the Tampa Bay area before. Here is a picture of Connie on the beach. It was kind of windy and temperatures were in the 60s so they did not stay long.

Outside an English pub

In the United Kingdom Pavilion of Epcot Dave and Connie stopped at the English pub which sold only English beers. They sat outside to enjoyed a delicious brew.

Here is another picture taken while they sat outside the pub.

Dave and Connie Go to Epcot at Disney World

On Friday afternoon Dave and Connie went to Epcot at Disney World in Orlando. When Dave and Connie took Nathan and Nora to Disney World about 10 years ago they only spent one day at Epcot and had not seen everything. This time they went to the Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy sections of the International Showcase section of Epcot.
This is the big fountain near the entrance of Epcot.

The Upside Down Building

One of the attractions on International Drive in Orlando is the upside down building -- home of Wonder Works. Connie and Dave took turns taking pictures of each other standing in front of it.

In Orlando Dave and Connie Ride the International Drive Trolley

On Friday morning Dave and Connie rode the International Drive Trolley which connects all the hotels, stores and attractions, including Sea World, Universal Studios, the Convention Center and 3 shopping centers in the International Drive resort area of Orlando, Florida

Connie and Dave Go to Orlando, Florida

On Thursday, January 9, 2006 Connie and Dave flew from Moline, Illinois to Orlando, Florida, courtesy of Dave's employer. This is a picture taken on the plane. In Orlando Dave and Connie stayed at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, next door to the Orange County Convention Center.