Tuesday, December 11, 2007

San Francisco Beach

Ocean Beach 03, originally uploaded by Tom Hilton.

This is a picture from flickr.com that I came across in one of the blogs I read. The person who uploaded the picture put a tag of 'San Francisco' on it so presumably this beach is in San Francisco. Flickr.com has this neat feature where you can pinpoint exactly where an uploaded picture was taken, down to a few feet, using Google maps. It takes about a minute to do. I do it on all the pictures I upload. Unfortunately, the person who uploaded this picture did not do that.

I would like to know where this beach is, mostly because Connie and I are coming to San Francisco at the beginning February (work related perk) and we might want to visit such a pretty place. I suspect that some people from San Francisco read this blog so I have high hopes that someone who knows will post a comment or send me an email telling me where it is.


matt moran said...

The title of the picture and the title of the blog entry you link to indicates that the picture was taken at Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is on the Pacific side of San Francisco.

The Wikipedia article indicates the beach might be a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to swim there. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Tom Hilton said...

Ask and ye shall receive: the photo is now geotagged (to within about 100' of where it was taken).

By the way, I intend to geotag all my photos (but of course I get behind sometimes); like you, I find it immensely helpful to know somebody's photo was taken.

Dave Barrett said...

Thanks matt and tom!

Isn't the internet great!

Dennis Moran said...

One of the prettiest views in San Francisco (in a city full of them) is from a restaurant/gift shop called the Cliff House, which overlooks the Pacific-side beaches, such as this one. It's a great place for a meal about sunset time. It's on Point Lobos Drive.
The Cliff House goes back to the 1800s and is a piece of San Francisco history as well. It's very near a park with extensive coastal trails that offer some really nice views of the Golden Gate Bridge.