Thursday, April 19, 2007

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

Connie and I were sitting at the breakfast table reading the paper this morning. Dear Abby had a letter from a women who said that when her twins were babies people were constantly coming up to her, telling her how cute her twins were and asking if they were identical. She would say "No. One is a boy and the other a girl." They must not have noticed the blue/pink clothing difference or that fact that he was dark and she was fair. To me the conclusion was obvious. Theses people were not actually looking at the babies at all. My guess is that since you always tell a mother her babies are cute, beautiful, healthy-looking, etc. there is no reason to actually look at the babies to see what they look like. If you actually look at them and don't think they are beautiful then that would make you a liar. The safest thing is to just not look at them. I proposed this theory to Connie and she did not like that theory AT ALL.
She had no alternate theory to explain the facts, but felt having no explanation preferable to mine. And my theory to explain that is that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

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marg said...

I think people look at the babies' faces, but shades of skin are not so noticeable. There are hundreds of shades between white and black, and many different shades on each person's body.

A lot of people might be like me, who never paid attention to the convention of dressing girl babies in pink and boys in blue.