Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to the Family Dinner

On Thursday, July 27, 2006 Tim's family hosted a dinner for Sue's family at the El Rancherito restaurant in Riverbank, CA (near Modesto).

Rachel (back to camera) Pat Moran, Marg Thomas, Dennis Moran and Lee Moran. In foreground with backs to camera - Vince Thomas and Aaron Moran. In background at next table are Josh, Jay, Mary, Patty, Tawneé and Allison (hidden)

Dennis Moran taking my picture. Marg Thomas is on his right and Lee Moran on his left

On the right side of the picture is Patty (Sue's sister) with Cheyenne on her lap

The 3 little girls in the center of the picture are Jaidon, Lanni and Janeé

Aaron and Tim Moran and Sue Jones at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Oakdale, CA

Tim Moran, Sue Jones and Sue's grandson Dayton

Jaidon, Lanni and Janeé. In the background are Josh, Cheyenne, Patty and Allison

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